I'm In

I'm In

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Annie Stark is the daughter of one of the most brilliant men in the world, Tony Stark. She has his mind and her mother's spirit (Pepper)What more could she ask for?

How about... A less protective dad? Yeah, that might make her life a little bit better. She's 15, and has practically no freedom, whatsoever. 

JARVIS is her only friend. That's right- a computer. 

But what happens when a threat that Tony can't face alone comes along? Will he let her help, or put her in even more danger than she's already in?

And will she be able to save her own dad? Let alone herself?

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brookelyn77 brookelyn77 Mar 15, 2015
Omg. I wrote an avengers fanfic too. My characters name is Annie but I spell it Any. I also have Elle Fanning playing my character. You should read my book.
Daimona Daimona Feb 06, 2015
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