MCR Imagines

MCR Imagines

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Close your eyes and imagine this;

It's been 9 years since My Chemical Romance broke up, and at this point, you've practically forgotten who they were. But they're in your mind somewhere.

Now, you're attending Warped Tour with your friend. You were hoping to get a glimpse at the current band you're obsessed with. But here's one thing that has been tugging at your brain for a while now;

You don't know who the opening act is. Nobody does.

The lights go down, and the crowd goes wild. Your friend asks you the same question you asked yourself. "Who is the opening act?"

Shrugging, you turn to the stage. Fog has completely covered the whole stage, and by this point, you're annoyed. When will they play?

That's when you hear it. Just one note. Followed by another. And another.

You thought it was a cover.

But when you heard that voice, your heart cracked and shattered, then instantly, you broke down with your friend. Gasps could be heard from around you, along with the wails of nostialgic...

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rydens_boner rydens_boner May 11, 2017
For all the people saying "HOW CAN I READ IT THEN?!" have someone read it to you.
-lilbopeep -lilbopeep May 06, 2017
                              the cold never bothered me anyway
karandkrystal karandkrystal Aug 05, 2016
one thing : it says close your eyes and imagine this but how am I supposed to read it with my eyes closed?