Running To And From Hell

Running To And From Hell

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Kayla By dontbedifferent Updated Nov 05, 2019

Harlow Coleman. Harlow, Coleman. I'm still getting used to it. A new name is more annoying than I thought it would be. Having to remember to say 'My name is Harlow' instead of Ma- Instead of what I've been saying my whole life, is hard as shit. 


After her parents' deaths, Harlow Coleman must leave her hometown and move to Ohio, to a new school called Creekside highschool. Her whole identity is a lie as she meets new people. She quickly becomes the focal point of the school for being the new girl and trying out for the cheerleading team. She meets multiple people, one of them being rude and arrogant Night Remington. Despite their rivalry in the beginning, they become close. Will Harlow risk everything by telling him her secret? 

How will she survive hell while also running from it? Will her secrets be revealed?