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Somewhere In The Middle

Somewhere In The Middle

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Y ᴀ s ᴏɴ Hɪᴀᴛᴜs By Ingenious_ Updated Dec 21, 2016

❝Zachary Williams was a force of nature. Period. Everything about him, exuded this strength; this natural grace that you couldn't help but be attracted to it, like a pitiful moth to a blazing flame. Everything about him, made me think that perhaps, he grew up in this limelight he was so at ease with. And maybe he did. I don't know. What I do know is that he and I were two people who had stumbled into each other and didn't belong on the same scale; never can and never will. Because if this were a John Green novel, I was a drizzle and Zachary Williams was a hurricane.❞
                                                                                                            - - - - - - - -
              Rainelle Andrews doesn't expect College to be much different than High School. Four years of oppression? Check. An overtly optimistic best friend by your side? Check. Don't know what to do with your life and remain a cynical, forever alone? Check and check! She certainly doesn't expect to take a hit to the head (quite literally); which might as well be the start of a whole new ride. One she had no plan on stepping foot on.
              All Zachary Williams ever wanted was to play ball and nothing else. But it's never that easy, is it? With college ball, comes the scrutiny and constant surveillance. Zach doesn't know how long he can live with it. But a pleasant distraction, in the form of a sarcastic, too-cynical-fo-her-own-good Freshman just might be what Zach needs. 
              Add in a brutal sport, past mistakes, a few secrets, and a lot of sexual tension and you may just have two opposites falling in love. 

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S_H_U_T_U_P S_H_U_T_U_P Jun 12
First place I have ever seen my name written exactly the same way I write it!
kenz406 kenz406 May 24
Either use A.M or in the morning, they mean the same thing 😁
EndlessEvenings EndlessEvenings Apr 13, 2016
It's good so far but my only concern was the punctuation and formatting error.
EndlessEvenings EndlessEvenings Apr 14, 2016
Both of the dialogues need to be in separate paragraphs and also should be periods instead of commas.
EndlessEvenings EndlessEvenings Apr 14, 2016
This is a formatting error that has been present at many times. Every time there is a change if speaker, it's a new paragraph.
Wicked4evermore Wicked4evermore Dec 27, 2015
We had to take an entire online seminar about this kind of thing. Took me around 3 hours to complete. They frickin referenced frozen when talking about avoiding date rape.