Cries From The attic

Cries From The attic

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This is the story of the Jones kids who, after the unexpected death of their mother, are coerced to stay hidden in the attic from they're abusive father. With the four siblings slowly starving to death, the oldest child Cypress, begins feeding his younger siblings his own blood as a form of nutrition.

The older children, Cypress, Aspen, and Acacia attempt to make the best of the situation for their younger sibling, Aveline, but despite their best efforts, the four year old's physical growth is stunted from a lack of adequate nutrition, sunlight and fresh air. 

After a fall out, that ends with the eldest girl being raped by they're father, they wake up the following morning to find that they have been locked in the attic, where they have to fight hypothermia and starvation before it's too late.

The Jones children include, 17-year-old Cypress, 16-year-old Aspen , 14 year old Acacia, and 4 year old Aveline.