Do We Look Like Criminals [Major Editing]

Do We Look Like Criminals [Major Editing]

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Do We Look Like Criminals?

Hm, good question. I couldn't tell you though. Call it cliche, but we're all or own version of heroes. We all are our own version of miracles.

I'm the girl with a dream. ~ Healing Angel

I'm the guy who seeks a new one. ~ The Thief

I'm the girl with a vengeful mind. ~ Robin Hood

I'm the guy with a vengeful beast. ~ Dragon Tamer

I'm the girl with a secret. ~ Thawed Heart

I'm the guy who wishes to discover it. ~ Mountain Man

I'm the girl with a frozen heart. ~ The Snow Queen

And I'm the guy who'll thaw it ~ Winter Spirit

Call us cliche. We are all our own version of something, but the question still remains.

Do We Look Like Criminals? 

I made the cover. Hope you like it. ~ Olafloverforever

*DISCLAIMER I sadly don't own any of the characters of Disney, DreamWorks, or Nickelodeon*

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                              When the sun goes down THATS WHEN I BECOME.. MIRACULOUS. SIMPLU THE BE-Ok I'll stop now.
*catches them then cherishes them then arrives them then wakes up from dream*
Strong ones what do u mean Elsa's powers are stronger and come on "strong" it's only frost she has ice tell me which one is stronger
Are the the newest disney characters based of  older characters. Not totally the same.
                              I feel these characters are based off these 
                              Elsa🔜Snow Queen
                              Medria🔜Robin Hood
                              There is more I just don't feel like typing.
                              I COMMENT ALOT
Txri_bae Txri_bae Sep 03, 2016
When I read the names I was like aaaaaayyye ma main men 😜✌