The King of New York

The King of New York

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"Do you trust me?"

"I do, unconditionally."

He took a deep breath, before pulling my hips towards the edge of the couch. 

Gently, he placed his large hands on either of my knees and separated them. 


The Commissioner.
The Boss of All Bosses.
The King of New York.

Nicknames and titles passed down through generations of crime syndicates, currently held by Giovanni 'Gitty' Romano.

The Fresh Blood.
The Tesoro.
The Young Eyes of New York.

Rosario Castellanos is 20 when members of the Romano syndicate approach her family's pastry shop looking for weekly payments in in exchange for protection insurance.  The common quick buck for gangsters.

The mobsters are pleased with Rosie's mature and calm matter after their visit. That same day, there's a request to have the Castellano's bakery cater pastries to a wedding, on the demand that Rosie attends. 

Everyone expected a happy italian wedding, with too much wine to handle and lots of singing.

No one expected Rosario to catch the eye of the head of the Romano family.


Side note:

Warning: mature sexual scenes, swearing, violence

Some people, places, events or ideas may show similarities to real mafia related nouns. The nouns in this novel are all fiction, but inspired (not dictated) by real history. 

It is completely created by my own imagination and research.

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