[DISCONTINUED] The Popular's Class [EXO Fan Fic]

[DISCONTINUED] The Popular's Class [EXO Fan Fic]

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Chloe|Xiumin's Wife|Semi Hiatus By Chloe_MinHunHan Updated Jun 22

Park Minah is a teenage girl who possesses the best looks and the best wealth, all thanks to being the daughter of one of Korea's top CEOs. On top of all of this, Minah also possesses an amiable personality; making her the envy of many girls. However, there are aspects of Minah's life that aren't so desirable; her controlling father being the most problematic issue above all.

Minah was blissfully happy in her average school, with great friends and a more than great boyfriend. However, this quickly changes after Minah's father finds out and strips her of all her freedom, forcing her to move to a much more prestigious school - the absolute best in Korea.

When Minah quickly lost her positive outlook on life and reluctantly attended the school with no choice, she met EXO, also known as the kings of popularity. Minah had also attracted a large following once she joined the school, so whenever Minah was within a small range of EXO, large crowds would form around them, causing great problems and forcing Minah to awkwardly interact with EXO. Due to this, the principal had no choice but to create a separate class for them to avoid disturbances.

The popular's class was the beginning of a whirlwind of relationships.

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