My Absolute Master (Akashi Seijuro Fanfic) ♔ KnB Watty Awards Winner ♔

My Absolute Master (Akashi Seijuro Fanfic) ♔ KnB Watty Awards Winner ♔

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ItadakimasuPocky By ItadakimasuPocky Completed

♔ First Place winner in the category of Seijuro Akashi on KnB Watty Awards 2015 ♔
♔ Third Place winner in the category of Best Cover on KnB Watty Awards 2015 ♔

There was only one person that could save me from the darkness.

With a heart made out of kindness and a voice filled with gentleness, she was my first love.


"From now on stay away from me!!!"

I foolishly drove her away.

And from that day onwards, my heart had stopped beating.

Eight years had passed since then and just when I thought I had lost her for good; lit up only by the light of the moon and the glow of the fireflies, at the end of the path quietly leading into a forest..

Just like fate.

She was there.


And with the beginning of that sound.

*Badump* *Badump*

My once stopped heart began beating again.

"The apology that I owed you during our youth, let me repay you back by loving you for the rest of my life."

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MayaYoongiHeartu1 MayaYoongiHeartu1 Dec 23, 2017
Im scrolling down the comment sections while giggling. Im so weird 😓🌚
nekobella2 nekobella2 Dec 29, 2017
I had to double check to be sure this wasn’t a ohshc fan fic 😅
vc_lynn vc_lynn Jan 01
Is this story inspired by Voltage Inc. Kissed by the Baddest Bidder???!
I  love the beginnings of the story I hope it end wonderful pocky-chan😍
Author's Message: I am undergoing a whole edit in the story so if the comments below my one doesn't make sense, it is because i have changed the story a bit.
lilgoody lilgoody Dec 29, 2017
Stop being such a dick. I hate that kind of people. Arrrghhhh I really want to slap everyone in the classroom.  Of course except Akane.