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our secret love (a ferard fanfic)

our secret love (a ferard fanfic)

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Gerard and Frank have kissed many times on stage but has it gone to far when Gerard starts developing feelings for Frank?  and does he feel the same way? will Gerard ever admit his feelings or will it ruin everything?

p.s my awesome cover was made by my best friend c:

I sat staring off into space for a good two minutes then outloud I screamed "FRANK! THAT IS NOT HOW YOU KISS SOMEONE! GET YOUR SHORT ASS BACK THERE AND KISS HIM"
*piano falls on Dean*
                              *Dean gets hit by car*
                              *Dean chokes and dies*
                              *Dean gets shot (twice)*
                              *Dean gets attacked by dog*
                              *Dean slips and falls*
                              *Dean get electrocuted*
Not to be that person but they're ahould say there's
                              •-• sorry
ASDFGHJKx__x ASDFGHJKx__x Dec 26, 2016
Well let's recap shall we? 
                              Frank pushes you down on the bed. 
                              You (Gerard) are hoping he's gonna kiss you again 
                              Me (a tired fangirl) is waiting for you two to break the laws of nature and somehow get each other preggers
                              That is my presentation
ASDFGHJKx__x ASDFGHJKx__x Dec 26, 2016
Gerard right? His eyes are like GORGEOUS so is everything everything else about him. And Gerard. And Ray. And Mikey. You know they're all perfect
ASDFGHJKx__x ASDFGHJKx__x Dec 26, 2016
*franks adorable voice* 
                              Gerard I'm uh
                              I'm pregnant. 
                              And it's yoUR KID 
                              PLOT TWIST