Knights of Lionheart: A short story

Knights of Lionheart: A short story

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Misha Castillo By CastleMurray Completed

Katrina Harlow is not your typical high school girl. She is hiding a huge secret from her parents and worst of all, her best friend!

Ever since Nicolaus VanBrunt moved to the town of Richard from Erikson, he has been the dream boat that every girl has been drooling over. However, things are not all roses in the private community of Lionheart, where if you aren't one of them, you are scum.

Nathan Arnold is one of Katrina's best friends. He has been her sidekick with one of the biggest adventures of their lives. Nate fears, however, that this year they might have some trouble hiding their secret.

With the help of her older brother, Fergus, Katrina faces struggles of a 14th century girl in a 21st century world. Katrina, Nicolaus, and Nathan set on an adventure to prove they are worthy to be among the greatest in the kingdom, on top of their Biology homework.

This is the first installment of short stories in the Knights of Lionheart.