Mr. Grey

Mr. Grey

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Katie By Skittle_Lover123 Completed

Book One in The Grey Trilogy 

Frederick Grey is a wealthy 21 year old, businessman, that has everything he could ever imagine

When his father starts pressuring him to get married, he needs to find a bride

What happens when a young 19-year-old girl, saves from a couple of muggers and takes him home with her 

He soon realizes that Lola the girl that saved him, is not in the best living situation, with her mother that has fallen ill, and no time to pursue her passion for drawing

What happens if Mr. Grey, offers Lola a chance to get out of that situation and help her mother, by marring him long enough to get his father off his back?

What happens if Lola agree to lie, to save her mother? 

And if she does, what will happen if she starts having feelings for young Mr. Grey? 

And what if Mr. Grey, breaks one of his rules, not to fall in love with her? 

Find out in Mr. Grey


  • art
  • contract
  • illness
  • lies
  • love
  • marriage
  • secrets
Elora_Camari Elora_Camari Nov 24, 2017
When I saw the title, the first thing I thought was Christian Grey. Lol. What has he done to me!!!
oats201 oats201 Nov 15, 2016
My dad's name is Fredrick so i hope this wont me wierd at all
iitsty iitsty Aug 06, 2016
I rlly hope she meant 6'1 cause the guy i like is 6'5 and i barely reach his shoulder and im 5'7🙄
Lovemehaters Lovemehaters Jul 26, 2014
Please update soon this book sounds like it will be a really interesting story