When the Wind Speaks

When the Wind Speaks

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Corinne Kilgore By CorinneKilgore Updated 4 days ago

When the wind speaks and the fire dies,
a shadow will come into the Kingdom of Lies.

The lands of Ellium are dying. A blighting corruption born a thousand years ago spreads slowly westward, sowing seeds of chaos and despair. From simple farmer to gilded noble, none in the human kingdoms of Carnath and Orynthis can escape the blight's touch. Desperate men turn hungry, envious eyes towards the unspoiled plateaus of the Orc'kothi tribes and the cloistered forests of the Elvan clans. War looms over the horizon like a storm carried by the wind, and the wind whispers a warning to those who can still hear it.

When a surge of primal, living magic levels a mage tower and offers Dnara a chance to escape a life of slavery, she takes it and runs. When the unleashed magic catches her, a choice is made, and a gift is given. But what one being considers a gift, another may consider a curse.

The blight took everything from Athan, except for his will to survive. Traveling the land as a forester, Athan scrapes a meager existence out of a dying land, waiting for his luck to change. When he comes across an injured Dnara in the Thorngrove thicket, he doesn't know if his luck has changed for the better, or for the worse.

From her sovereign rooftop nation, Naomi looks down upon the city of Ka'veshi and hears rumors of a brewing guild war carried on the wind. Orphaned and unguilded, Naomi navigates the city streets on bare feet, with a determination to never be tattooed by a guild. Deep within the Elvan silverwoods, Serenthel awakes from a dream. The darkness within it startles him, but the call of his destiny is exhilarating. 

When the wind speaks, the destinies of four become the unifying story of all. For Ellium to survive what comes, each must choose their path. A lost history must be remembered. An ancient wrong must be atoned. Alone, they may fall into shadow, but together they may change the fate of Ellium forever.