The Knight's Curse

The Knight's Curse

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Anne Marshall By annemarshallofficial Updated 5 days ago

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From the ashes of destruction, they will rise. With the blood of the knight, they will conquer. 
So the story foretold, so shall it be. 

Long ago, before Henri was even thought about, her fate was sealed. Coming from a past shrouded in darkness and pain, Olivia and she find peace in normal life, an ocean away from their former selves. Through the new mundane world she lives, Henri seeks out the extraordinary in her everyday life. Books light her path, giving her every adventure she was starved of as a child, every warm hug, every chance to say the words she wished to hear; you are not alone. 
With the help of her only friend, she'll learn that not all books are meant to be read. Some are even meant to be weapons.

From a prophecy, long-buried in a book time forgot, she will have to fight for not just her fate, but the fate of the town crumbling around her.

****This is not a sequel or a prequel to The Cursed Prince. This is a total rewrite of the original.****