(Paused For Now) Percy Jackson Goes To Hogwarts (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

(Paused For Now) Percy Jackson Goes To Hogwarts (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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FandomAvenger By FandomAvenger Updated Jan 16, 2016

After the Giant war things are settling down. However, Percy finds a whole new world waiting for him with not just one but two wars waiting for him.

Old threats are doing the impossible and returning.

The demigods must once again fight to protect the world... But will they have gained a new friend to help fight in this war. Or even... Friends...

Percy knows all about his dad's family but all hades breaks lose when he gets to know his mums side.

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ForceFriend ForceFriend Apr 16, 2017
One thing I noticed right as I started reading, it says 'mum'. Most Americans say 'Mom', including Percy. Just thought I'd let you know.
Im_StillsadboutMCR Im_StillsadboutMCR Dec 10, 2017
Dose it matter if it's mom or mum or mother or dad or pa or father or grey or gray or colour it color honestly
_EmeliaGrace_ _EmeliaGrace_ Aug 02, 2017
Story of my life needs to be told, I drive all night to keep her warm and time is frooooooze
Hadesworld Hadesworld Apr 22, 2017
*laughs historically for a while gasping for for air to not pass out*
AidanMoran AidanMoran Oct 09, 2016
Theres a lot more like how you retrieved hades helmet killed the nemean lion,the minotaur,medusa a whole lot of other things
TheRealRavenclaw TheRealRavenclaw Dec 27, 2016
Lay off the author why does it matter the way he writes their stories. Im pretty sure everyone understands that mom and mum mean the same thing