Happens Everytime (Unedited)

Happens Everytime (Unedited)

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Khwaish By Khwaish Completed

Aahana, a sweet, adorable girl, who was abandon by her father at an early age. At least this is what she believed, but this was not the truth. Eleven years later, when she visits Kalka ... for a star performance, she ends up meeting a stranger Aarit ( a psychologists), he tries to make her free from all her issues. But Aahana, feels insecure, she is vehemently defend her privacy. 

Will Aarit be able to break that strong wall around her and enter her? 

While she was going through all this turmoil, She meets Aarav, who accidentally falls in love with her. She is afraid of him, she doesn’t like the fact that Aarav is able to see through her soul so easily. She tries to push Aarav away. But later she regrets it, she so much wanted to feel that love, which she had avoided due to her father’s betrayal. But by the time Aarav was nowhere to be seen. She is devastated.

Will she be able to find her Aarav again? 

Wattpaders, Please if you read and liked it, do let me know. :)

  • aahana
  • abandon
  • accident
  • acident
  • affection
  • anger
  • awards
  • bad
  • beach
  • bear
  • beautiful
  • birthday
  • blast
  • breaking
  • broken
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  • carnival
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  • cheated
  • cheerful
  • dad
  • dear
  • diary
  • distraction
  • emotion
  • emotional
  • end
  • everytime
  • fear
  • fight
  • friendship
  • future
  • goa
  • grief
  • guilt
  • happens
  • happenseverytime
  • harsh
  • hatred
  • heart
  • ignore
  • life
  • lonely
  • love
  • luck
  • memory
  • moron
  • music
  • need
  • pain
  • past
  • pops
  • present
  • pyschiatrist
  • regret
  • remember
  • remorse
  • sad
  • show
  • soothing
  • stranger
  • tears
  • teddy
  • truth
  • walk
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  • wish
Khwaish Khwaish Dec 15, 2011
                              Hahaha .. sis .. I wrote it a year ago .. hopefully now my grammar has improved a little bit. 
                              I think i should re-edit it quickly. :P
                              Thankss  ^_^  ;)
The_Reading_Traveler The_Reading_Traveler Dec 13, 2011
Hiya Sis! :D just so you know you need to work on the grammar and it's just a tad bit confusing... but in the whole I like the idea  ^_^ :) keep it up! :D voted ;)
Khwaish Khwaish Nov 14, 2011
                              I know ... Vulnerable state often brings best in us .. sometimes worst too .. 
                              Yeah .. it will get better from 4 chapter ... You can go head .. first few chapter are little slow and boring .. but i'll rewrite them once i complete whole book ... 
                              Thanks a lot for reading .. :)
Khwaish Khwaish Nov 13, 2011
                              Thanks a lot. 
                              I am glad you like it. Don't forget to read more of it. :D
                              Hahaha .. you know how it goes .. ;) Thanks anyway ... catch u soon .. sis. ;)
CherryLove--o CherryLove--o Nov 12, 2011
Goodness. It's very good, quite intense, actually. Which is good;) I love how you're so descriptive, I can almost feel how she feels. Bravo, continue to write. loveit. ~Ginnie
kiapooja kiapooja Oct 15, 2011
realllyy nice :)
                              loved the way u described her feelings with so much depth and precision :)