Let's Play A Game

Let's Play A Game

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❤ Em Myles ❤ By emmyles Updated Sep 18, 2016

I've decided it's my turn to do some one shots.
I've given a little thought to this and have decided that I'm gonna do them based on the games I used to play throughout my childhood.  Be warned though they definitely have an adult spin on them.

All the stories are consensual so please don't leave me comments that would state otherwise.

-Simon Says (published) dedicated to TaurenDelight
-Truth or Dare (published) dedicate to shorty2u21
-Mother May I (in the works)
Seven minutes in heaven bxb
-Hide and Seek
-Spin the Bottle

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bubbabevins bubbabevins Apr 19, 2015
@emmyles oh, I had read this book a long time ago and there was also a truth or dare
emmyles emmyles Nov 23, 2014
@JasperTheGreatKnight I hit this wall that refuse to crumble.  i have ideas but...
emmyles emmyles Oct 26, 2014
@ChristiSWilliams I have a few ideas I'll see where they are gonna go
imimpossible_27 imimpossible_27 Aug 02, 2014
You should do a part two of this and then seven minutes in heaven
emmyles emmyles Jul 31, 2014
@chocomerican  thank you. I may use them for another of the shorts
emmyles emmyles Jul 29, 2014
@AYClaudy  yeah!  I'm working on two right now. I'm letting my inner voyeur out