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Commander Forget's Army (A Percy Jackson Chaos story)

Commander Forget's Army (A Percy Jackson Chaos story)

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v By EvaWOLF14 Updated Feb 05

I couldn't take it anymore, so I ran.
And now I am Commander Ξεχαστ of chaos' army. In English it is spelt xechat. It means forget.
Long ago you knew me as Percy Jackson, son of Posiedon, saviour of Olympus, survivor of the labyrinth, roman praetor I could go on... But everyone I loved betrayed me thought I wasn't good enough...
Now I am Xechat, son of Chaos, commander of the εκλεκτοί or elektoi or if you want English elite squad, saviour of 1,984 planets, saviour of the universe I could go on for days.

Now we have to go back to the one place I vowed I would never go again...

I like the story so far but it was a bit abrupt for my liking personally I would have sent Chaos in the next chap. But don't get me wrong I loved the chapter
ChasingWinds ChasingWinds Jul 02, 2016
I can't wait to reeead this! So I'm gonna stop commenting and read
GoldenSprings GoldenSprings Aug 13, 2016
I like it but what is with the writing? I mean did you like copy and paste this from a url? And the spacing is odd like one or to letters in a line then a entire line and a half.
Youngwonzz Youngwonzz Jun 18, 2016
Bruhhhhh dang Percy didn't know u were so hot that even guys are gettin wet ...
                              I'm being real dumb right now dw 😋