Reader X Crush One Shots.

Reader X Crush One Shots.

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Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Kɪɴɢ By _XxLiesxX_ Updated Oct 31, 2015


Just to clear  anything up , im new here  so go a little easy on me , i might not be the best writer ever  ^^'' 

And if you  want me to do a specific story line  just tell me !
That's all! 

Kittehkatmew Kittehkatmew 2 days ago
*Thinks of nobles video on how to be a tsundere*
                              Has cringe heart attack
I'm a Yandere but I like to scream at ppl that ARE bakas and say DISRESPECTFUL BUFFON
I have had worse. I didn't put my hands out so I scratched my elbows, knees, and cheek. Blood was everywhere!
Aww, I'm sorry about your crush, MandyDoesGames. I love that song tho <3
TheDrool TheDrool Feb 13
Biash I'm in a convenience store I buy some peroxide and you get outta my FACE!
My crush rejected me and now I'm listening to Little do you know XD