Escaping Boredom

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Sofi By Always_Love_Ireland Updated 2 years ago
With a dead mum and an abandoning father, Sid grew up wondering the cobbled streets of New York City looking after himself and fellow newspaper boys.  Through the poorness, hunger and simplistic life, nothing excited him. Until, a war broke out across the nation. In a heartbeat, Sid went from the ranks of conning teenagers to controlling officers and into the pounding war.  Will he regret his choice or love every dangerous moment?
Great beginning! I love the characters and the setting! Voted! :D
I like how you started the story. It's interesting. Gonna read more. Voted and Added to library :)
You do the third persons POV very well! I couldn't do it to save my life :p haha anyways.. Your description of people and attention to detail is amazing. Definitely reading more!!
You have amazing detail in the clothing and movements of people. One thing I would like to see more would be describing the setting. I can picture the people perfectly while reading but the sensory is vauge. Wondering word choice in this first chapter! Adding to my library! :) Great job!
Great story you stuck to the age and it was interesting the entire time i couldnt take my eyes of the screen good job keep it up
This is very, very good!  Like, I don't really like stories like this but your choice of words is captivating and very engaging!  You definitely know what you're doing!  I love your word choices and how you describe everything; it makes it all seem that much more real :P