Expedition of a Lifetime [Levi x F!Reader] [Hiatus]

Expedition of a Lifetime [Levi x F!Reader] [Hiatus]

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fabuliszt By fabuliszt Updated Nov 01

That one catastrophic expedition had an effect on everyone. Levi Ackerman also; not only had he lost his trusted squad, but also his beloved wife.

[Levi x Reader. This story is written in the third person. Rated T for language, description of gore and mildly suggestive scenes.]

I do not own Shingeki no Kyojin

[Hiatus due to the fact that I'm very busy with school/study and my music studies]

LEVI'S HAVING A TANTRUM GET HIM A BOTTLE OF WARM MILK HE NEEDS SLEEP. and I'm agreeing with Levi, how could I have died when I'm at his level (I think I might have read to fast)
I scraped my knee grow crawling out of hell once! I'm not going down there again!!! *holds cliff edge like life depends on it*
So that could mean I'm not dead? I love this, so much. Haters gonna hate but to me it just got interesting
I have yet to read this and the first part was already very good! :3
I'm dead already? Wow you really jist wanted to kill me off *cries*
MarHeichou MarHeichou 7 days ago
First Chapter and I'm already crying
                              How do you do this?? Tell me your secrets!!