Belong to a King

Belong to a King

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Devin Lavellan Pavus By GoldenHallelujah Completed

My name is Tristan Dearborn.

I was a simple high school graduate. I didn't have many friends or made any, I didn't do much while at home except play Sims after finishing homework because that was my safe haven. However, all of that changed on the night after graduation.

I was taken right out of my home by Jairus, a man who claimed his love for me. I didn't even get a say so in it, he just brought me to his world and said that I'd rule with him. Within my "rule" came the kind hearts of some...... and the cruel heart and misjudgement of his father. He made it clear that he doesn't want me to be his son's mate, but Jairus always proves otherwise.

My name is Tristan Dearborn. I belong to a king.

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