Midnight Sun • Minsung

Midnight Sun • Minsung

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"Minho Lee," I whispered into the nothingness, "I'm sorry." 

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my book -- Twilight x Minsung -- from Jisung's point of view. like six of y'all asked for this so i'm delivering :3

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some disclaimers for whoever cares:

• copyright to Stephenie Meyer and Han Jisung, Lee Minho (the rest of Stray Kids) and myself. Credit to rightful owners of the photos used in the cover, and the *crappy* editing is mine.

• WARNING: this book contains angsty romance, more time with jisung's brothers, and new cute moments! read at your own risk

• when Jisung hears people think, it's in italic, but sometimes he thinks about song lyrics and those are in italics, too. idk just thought id let ya know

• if i've taken out a certain scene in a chapter, it does not mean that it didn't happen. it means i decided it was deadweight and i didn't think you'd wanna read the same scene again.

• the scenes are the same -- just written from Jisung's POV -- and none of the dialogue is changed, except i took out a few ellipses, because Jisung hears and does things faster than Minho does/humans do. Idk that's how i think vampires work

• this has a bit more swearing than TxM,  but don't worry, it's not too radical

• Stray Kids' personalities in this book are exaggerated interpretations of how i perceive them and choose to write them. they do not share any of the opinions or experiences with the real Stray Kids members

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hope you enjoy :3