The Blood of Rubies

The Blood of Rubies

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It all begins when a silver dagger goes missing.

For her entire life, a human named Cora Gabris has known that lycans were searching for her, as she was born as a Ruby -- a human that, when turned into a lycan, will become much stronger than any of the others.

If she were to turn into a lycan, the powers she could harness are immeasurable. And her mate would inherit them as well. It's for that very reason that she has remained hidden all of her life, as a dangerous lycan has been searching for her since she went missing. 

When the life of her last family member is threatened, Cora chooses to meet the Alpha of  Reiger Pack, hoping to avoid the lycan that hunts for her. 

She is utterly unprepared to face the different culture, to sift through the greed of those who crave her power. She must face a language barrier and prove she is more than just a Ruby. She is Cora Gabris, and once among them, she has every intention to make a name for herself among creatures that value in perseverance above all. 

Scars will be made, and alliances will either save or destroy her. 

It will be a worthy sacrifice in her eyes as long as her brother is safe, and that she doesn't fall into the wrong hands before she is able to fully turn into one of them...


Welcome to a world where witches aid humanity, and the Seers of lycans are watching. Waiting. Determined to strike back. 

Explore the danger where the gods push their final pieces into place before watching it unfold.

And discover a story about comradery, betrayal, love, heartache, loss, and growth. 




This is the official edited version of Waxing Moon, and the subsequent sequel will follow the events of this book.


(BOOK 1 in the Ruby Series)