Justin Bieber Imagines

Justin Bieber Imagines

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Yours Truly🥑🥀 By _OptimisticLoser_ Completed

Romantic Surprise ♡

You separated yourself from the bed sheets, yawning and stretching as you do so. You notice Justin isn't beside you as you remember him waking up to go to work. He was smiling, like he always was when he talked about his Beliebers. They obviously meant  a lot to him. You jumped out of bed, brushing past the mirror as you noticed your hair mirrored a lion's mane and your face seemed pale, glowing brightly in the darkness of your room. You ripped the curtains apart, shielding your eyes from the sunlight. Damn, it shone a bit too bright. Your feet wobbled over too the bedside drawer, gulping down some water to hydrate your dry mouth. You rubbed the sleep from your eyes, groaning when you heard your phone ring, indicating you had a text. 

Sophie:  Hey gurlfriend! Been ages since we've seen each other so make sure you come down to Derek's party tonight at 7pm. Anna's going cray cray since that is her crush and all. Luca's coming so make sure you come! xoxo

You smiled ...

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