Dominate Me Mr.August

Dominate Me Mr.August

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roycestopher By Roycestopher Updated Sep 27, 2015

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Contains Rated R contents including detailed boy on boy sex scenes

Please read at your own risk

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hes making him wearing dresses now...... when hes never worn them before......
diamondtyler06 diamondtyler06 Sep 16, 2017
Kevin Hart: She wasn't readddyyyy
                              Me: Yeah man I was not ready
xttxymlhn xttxymlhn Feb 19
Broke niggas stand to the left, rich niggas stand to the right
KayIsKing KayIsKing Dec 12, 2017
Wait a damn minute😶-Did this night just get horny out of the freaking blue🙁😕😭😭😂😂😂
KayIsKing KayIsKing Dec 12, 2017
That sounds good asf bro😍🤤🤤😂😭😭💯💯💯
KayIsKing KayIsKing Dec 12, 2017
IN THE RESTAURANT💀these niggas a whole different level of freaky😂what’s next? He gone suck his toes and tickle his thighs under the table😂😂😭💀💀