Dominate Me Mr.August

Dominate Me Mr.August

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roycestopher By Roycestopher Updated Sep 27, 2015

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Contains Rated R contents including detailed boy on boy sex scenes

Please read at your own risk

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hes making him wearing dresses now...... when hes never worn them before......
diamondtyler06 diamondtyler06 Sep 16, 2017
Kevin Hart: She wasn't readddyyyy
                              Me: Yeah man I was not ready
xttxymlhn xttxymlhn Feb 19
Broke niggas stand to the left, rich niggas stand to the right
Him ridding your dick while you sit in your chair. Giving you head from underneath the desk. Yes Daddy yes
KayIsKing KayIsKing Dec 12, 2017
Wait a damn minute😶-Did this night just get horny out of the freaking blue🙁😕😭😭😂😂😂
KayIsKing KayIsKing Dec 12, 2017
That sounds good asf bro😍🤤🤤😂😭😭💯💯💯