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Rae Rivers By RaeRivers Updated Jul 25, 2014

Chapter One

Bennett Estate 

Rapid Falls, Canada

It seemed like a slam-dunk job.

Although Kate Carrigan suspected it might not be.

She dismissed the voice nagging at her to retreat, slipped on her gloves, and focused on her entry into the estate. She'd come so far and there was no turning back.

Breaking into the mansion didn't bother her. Thanks to the enchanted key in her pocket, locks were no hindrance. That was the easy part and had nothing to do with the flow of unease streaming through her body.

No, that was all down to the owners of the estate.

The Keepers. Three handsome, powerful brothers who were fiercely protective of their home and the witch they were duty bound to defend.

And Kate was about to break into their house.

She'd been watching, waiting, biding time until the Bennett brothers and their witch left their mansion together.

Blissfully unaware they were about to be relieved of three antique daggers.

They'd opted against the Aston Martin and Land Cruiser par...

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RinessaPeano RinessaPeano Feb 13, 2017
Hi do you have a hard bound copy of these?! I mean if you sell it in nationwide bookstores? Im from the philippines and i love your books
noushnisha noushnisha Mar 31, 2016
I really like the start of the story. Hope to read the rest very soon. Thank you