Their Broken Omega

Their Broken Omega

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*third book in the kirikamideku series*

It's been a long month or so for Midoriya, Kirishima, and Kaminari. From not being able to be together because of Izuku's omega statues in the pro world, to Izuku being dragged to America and his father trying to sell him in an illegal omega trafficking circle, these three mates have been through the works. 

But now they're finally together. After heading back to Japan, they all return to UA High school, in hope of becoming pros one day, but the trauma of the past week and a half hasn't left Izuku. From constant panic attacks, anorexia, and complete submission to any alpha, Izuku is far from what he used to be. 

Will his mates be able to help him through it? Not only will they have to overcome the lingering trauma, but as more questions start to receive answers, will it be to much for them to handle? 


*Their Freckled Omega*
*Their Abused Omega*
*Their Broken Omega*

Here it is! The third book is finally out! Sorry for the wait guys!❤️💚💛