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Lin Gorman By LinGorman Completed

He grabbed her by the waist and pushed her against the door frame, his mouth covering hers in a frenzy of electric kisses. She gasped in shock, ready to fight, then melted as his lips moved across hers.
They stumbled back into the room, and Sean barely remembering to kick the door shut behind him. He let go and allowed himself to get lost in her, his hands moving of their own volition. He needed this. He needed her!
Sarah lifted her head for air when he grabbed the backs of her thighs, hauling her up and pressing her back to the wall. She wanted to ask what this was about, but when he licked her collarbone, she decided conversation could wait!
Sean had Sarah's body wrapped around his in a matter of seconds, and he wasted no time carrying her to her bed. He was kicking off his shoes along the way, sending both flying in unknown directions, and he didn't give a damn!
Sarah was tearing at his clothes as much as he tore at hers. She was half naked by the time her mattress was underneath her.
She watched as Sean ripped his shirt off, throwing it across the room. She watched the muscles in his chest and abdomen flex and ripple, her racing heart beginning to beat even faster!
She sat still long enough for him to pull off the jeans he was wearing, then jumped into his arms, her teeth nipping at his neck as he stepped back.

What has a child got to do w/ the whole situation??? I'm confused as hell rn...
ElisabethMay7 ElisabethMay7 Mar 17, 2016
Wait has she been in their for two hole days without food, water, or a BATHROOM?
DairBear12 DairBear12 Aug 18, 2015
alright your prologue doesn't come up and you know this so instead of trying to put it some where else so people can see it or at least give some kind of synopsis of what people will miss you just say "eh f#*k it"...... ok then.......
LinGorman LinGorman Dec 20, 2014
@ansleybee123 Yes there is. For some reason it works for some people and not for others.
ansleybee123 ansleybee123 Dec 20, 2014
Is there supposed to be words here? All there is is a blank page.
christa0486 christa0486 Apr 20, 2013
wow, I just started reading breeder n I've got to say, the talent is remarkable!! great job so far its captured my attention n kept me hooked n thts not easy to do since I hve 2 attention disorders. very very good