Happily Ever After (Jennie x Lisa G!P)

Happily Ever After (Jennie x Lisa G!P)

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Jennie and Lisa had to marry because of a contract. Two teenagers that has crossed paths before. The tall girl, was in love with the brunette while the brunette never loved her back, giving her the cold shoulder and treating her as if she never existed. It really is a normal thing for Lisa since Jennie is somehow arrogant and at the same time a person who is quite persistent. But despite all that, an unknown but seemingly familiar girl will appear in the picture just when the certain brunette is about to fall helplessly in love with the tall blonde girl. The presence of the new girl will either bring disaster or heartbreak. With that being said, their relationship is hanging by a strand.

What will happen between the two females relationship?

Will their relationship last long?

Or will it have to end?

Chaesoo is included! Enjoy the story!

Published: 7 February 2020

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