The Demon Inside (One Piece Fan-Fic)

The Demon Inside (One Piece Fan-Fic)

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Sapphire By sapphire_xoxo Updated Oct 09, 2016

16 year old Sakura was a girl that knew enough in the vast world. 

Government knew her capabilities and sought to kill her off before further trouble occurred to them. Betrayal, it was enough to leave her heart closed. Her friends are the ones she thought she'll never see again. Her family? Forget about it. Seeing people around her different in the sea than people in calm villages made her determined that she'll remain a pirate. But we all know pirates aren't the luxurious types. 

After being cut off and finally caught by the government, Sakura gave up on her will to live anymore, she went through enough. But soon, she made made her mind to use the people she met to make her move. 

She wanted something worth more than treasure, more than new friends: 

{credit to miss-honeybal for amazing book cover and her appreciated efforts!) 

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Pincess_Mona_Cupcake Pincess_Mona_Cupcake Oct 09, 2016
I have this argument with my brain (voices council) all the time
mstewsti mstewsti Mar 02, 2017
We all are geniuses! Especially when we roast people to ashes.
xeezzz xeezzz Apr 29, 2015
Hai I have read Why Am I Here? And I luv it! Thanks for recomending! I'm looking forward to reading more of ur books≧﹏≦
xeezzz xeezzz Apr 26, 2015
Yay u finally posted it≧﹏≦I had been waiting for this! I luv this book♥★
Dark_Shadow3 Dark_Shadow3 Jan 27, 2015
Friendship Friendship Friendship! ^^ You have to know that is Friendship Sakura-chan! ^^
your_average_alien your_average_alien Dec 09, 2014
I almost cried when I heard her name is Sakura 
                              It's reminded me of free and this scene when Rin speaks English 
                              He is SOOO kawaii