Kuroko no Basuke: Character x Reader

Kuroko no Basuke: Character x Reader

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3 / 4  h i a t u s By Shikiorin Updated Jan 22

Kuroko no Basuke / Kuroko no Basket
(Or whatever you wanna call it!)
Character x Reader One-shots

My first fanfiction~. I hope you like my work!

[c] I do not own Kuroko no Basuke or its characters. They all belong to Fujimaki Tadatoshi-sensei.

Highest Ranking (that I've seen): #15 in Fanfiction.

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When i'm alone i'm always like that.. and also if i'm with my friends..
TheSapphireStar TheSapphireStar Jun 03, 2016
I'm just going to pretend (reader)-chan is small. My OC is at Sushi's waist
derpy_yoongi derpy_yoongi Jul 23, 2016
I'm just gonna tweak something in that sentence. Tiny as hell.
TheSapphireStar TheSapphireStar Jun 03, 2016
My OC for Akashi is cute and odor able but smart and knows how to keep him calm
purplehairr purplehairr Jan 04, 2016
 #15 in Fanfiction? I was like 'wow! This author nailed it!' Good job.
IKageI IKageI Oct 16, 2015
At first I thought you made and error and was supposed to put "scary as hell"