Catfish [l.s] (boyxboy)

Catfish [l.s] (boyxboy)

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(find the series, which is being edited and re-posted, on ao3. my username is amourlouis.)

In which Louis pretends to be someone he's not, Harry is oblivious, Zayn is suspicious, Liam is there for everyone and Niall is Niall.

(or, the one where Louis pretends to be a girl online and catfishes the unsuspecting Harry, his unfortunately straight best friend. Louis sort of loves Harry, really, and he didn't mean for it to go this far.)

TheTwistedKupkake TheTwistedKupkake 7 days ago
Well, that ain't a very straight ruler then. You should probably get your money back. 🤔
- - Dec 24, 2016
I catfished this girl on Animal Jam (its like club penguin) I pretend to be a boy and dumped her bc she was askin for a boyfriend on a game for 7 year olds. Don't ask why I was on it .
I always say that my sexuality is a bendy ruler, bc you know when your straight but sometimes you could be little bent?
Elena_LH Elena_LH Jan 04
I'm surprised this got a lot of comments wait no I'm not ._.
To be honest the name Harvey reminds me of the show Harvey Beaks from Nickeloden x'D