The Lullaby of the Lost Princess | ✓

The Lullaby of the Lost Princess | ✓

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{A sequel to "TAOTIB"}
She was my mate to my animal kind.

My soulmate to my human heart.

And my one to my ruined soul.

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   You've already met Elynn, lost and found princess by the handsome half-dragon Drayard. The same girl who at the summer solstice offered herself instead of her sister. Unfortunately, her sacrifice was for nothing.

   She lost every member of her family: her mother, thanks to the plague spread around my morphs, and her sister, thanks to the same Drayard. Now she loathes him with her whole heart.

   Brought into the Shemrock isle, she can't leave it as every immortal back in the Empire of Beasts wants her death. She must learn how to protect herself, and Drayard teaches her how to fight. 

   Spending time alone in the empty island, the undeniable feelings begin rising between each other. And Elynn begins to doubt if the man she saw in her vision is really her meant to be or is it the other man who has been by her side all along?

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"May you dance with me, your grace?" My gaze tilted back at the King of the queens and kings.

He snorted and bowed to me, extending his hand. "May you dance with me, my princess?"

I took his hand as I straightened myself. "Always, my king."

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#2 IN HIGHFANTASY [09/12/19]
(2nd book of TAOTIB "The Anthem of the Imperial Beasts")