Hamilton AU - High School *Revised Edition*

Hamilton AU - High School *Revised Edition*

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When seventeen-year-old scrawny, underfed Alexander Hamilton is kicked out of another foster home, he knows his chances of family and a decent future have ended. He's biding his time now until he turns eighteen and can have his freedom.

George and Martha Washington have fostered for fifteen years and have adopted one son, Lafayette. Hamilton knows at once that this is going to be another short-lived disaster. Washington is a military veteran, stern and unforgiving, at least in the eyes of the rash boy. It doesn't take Washington long to prove him wrong but Hamilton refuses to accept affection or trust. Time and time again, he pushes the buttons of his foster father and waits for him to beat him like all the others. But each time Washington gives him another chance. 

At school, Hamilton struggles in the snooty atmosphere of private school but finds an unlikely friend in sickly and tiny James Madison. But Hamilton's birthday looms closer and he knows it'll all end the moment he turns eighteen.

With nothing to lose, Hamilton lets a petty fight with Lafayette escalate and flees before he is thrown out. Gone are the hopes of family and the college education the Washinton's promised. He can't imagine that Washinton would accept him back now. But maybe Washington hadn't been lying. Maybe he could have a home.

*Expanded, edited, and tidied version of the first book in the Hamilton AU series. Over 50k of new material added!*
**Due to the revisions, the later books of the series currently now have some minor contradictions. I'll update the other books at a later date.**