Wolf's Mermaid

Wolf's Mermaid

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(UNDER RECONSTRUCTION! Read at your own risk, many things need fixing and editing.)

" I was the last. the very last one. and it changed my life forever"
Ashley Smith, had grown up in the ocean with a beautiful golden tail that reflected a bright blue often. She was the only child of the king and queen in an ocean kingdom not known to man. When her mother died, she unfortunately was the last rare golden mermaid, which put her in danger. Her father was forced into having to send her to live as a human. As she grows older, she becomes beyond beautiful. She is sent to school and comes to find someone she never expected. Someone of the name Damian Edwards. But there's a twist to him too. Will she see to find love? Or return back home? What will happen? How will she keep her secret? Read to find out!


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