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The World Is Ugly, But You're Beautiful To Me. (Gerard Way FanFiction)

The World Is Ugly, But You're Beautiful To Me. (Gerard Way FanFiction)

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transferingworlds By transferingworlds Updated Jan 24, 2016

Elodea Sothabella just moved away from Illinois to New Jersey and it's her first day of high school. Back at her old school, she only had one friend because of her style. So, of course, she's freaking out. She makes friends with Mikey Way and he introduces her to the rest of MCR, which, in this story, is sadly not a band:( One day, when she's at Mikey's, she meets Gerard- Mikey's brother that she didn't even know existed! Gerard is a recluse who stays to himself, but, can Elodea force him back into the world? Guess what? SPOILER ALERT! THIS IS A GERARD WAY/OFC FAN FICTION, YAY! & I guess you can call it an MCR fanfiction because they're all in here(: I DON'T OWN ANY MCR BAND MEMBERS OR THEIR FAMILIES, JUST THE PLOT AND ELODEA AND OTHER CHARACTERS I MAKE UP.

Xxskyler_langerxX Xxskyler_langerxX Jul 04, 2016
But...but...wh-where's the next  chapter!? *looks under bed and around the house* *scratches head* THE BOOK MUST GO ON!!!!!!!! *cries*
BeulahPinili8 BeulahPinili8 Dec 29, 2016
"Talking hairball" that, my fellow killjoys, is how one properly addresses Princess Fro Fro XD
-urieross -urieross Jan 21
don't worry, just strike a violent pose and maybe they'll leave you alone!
NoaLitvynenkoBorgas NoaLitvynenkoBorgas Dec 08, 2016
                              No one in my school knows
                              Mcr,p!atd,fob,Tøp or Melanie .-.
BringMeRomanceNpanic BringMeRomanceNpanic Jul 24, 2016
In year 9 I had Spanish 1st period and my teacher Mrs Thorpe was really nice but too happy and always wayyy to loud and enthusiastic about it all
TheBrightestOfBlues TheBrightestOfBlues Nov 18, 2016
Wow... a first made of trees? UNHEARD OF! I'm calling BS, sir.