Rosco the Rascal Trick-or-Treats

Rosco the Rascal Trick-or-Treats

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"The tree was big enough to shade the whole front yard. Its long branches swayed in the soft wind like giant arms dancing in the sky. Mandy shivered and took Trisha by the arm. "It's kind of spooky here, isn't it?" An owl hooted somewhere nearby. Mandy looked around trying to place it. Her shoulders went tight. Trisha nodded."~Chapter 3, The Old Oak Tree

*Spend a night trick-or-treating with the rascally German shepherd and his human pals!*

Rosco has never heard of Halloween before, and tonight, he'll be trick-or-treating with ten-year-old James, seven-year-old Mandy, and a group of their friends. He's never seen so many kid-sized creatures and characters out on the sidewalks, and marvels at the many sights and sounds. 

In addition, like so many kids, second-grader Mandy is torn between her love of trick-or-treating and her dislike of the scarier aspects of Halloween, so when things get spooky in a neighborhood haunted house, will Rosco step up and protect her?

Wholesome, lighthearted, and adventurous, this contemporary short story fits right in with the rest of the Rosco the Rascal series for kids and is only available here on Wattpad.

A standalone story, not too scary for ages 5-8 but spooky enough for an 8-10 year-old reader who loves trick-or-treating!