Sariel's Call [Urban Fantasy - Angels vs Demons]

Sariel's Call [Urban Fantasy - Angels vs Demons]

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Alexis J By wedgetail_blue Updated 4 days ago

Abigail and Elias have long known something is off about their family. Mental illness, sudden deaths and suicides have struck down the Fitzpatricks generation after generation. More peculiar still - Elias has visions. Yet neither of the siblings ever expected Elias to have a vision of their parents' murder-suicide.

But before the siblings have time to change out of their funeral clothes, they are in for another shock. The angel Ramiel storms into their lives, demanding their help. A powerful ward has kept the Earth safe from demons for two-thousand years. Now, it weakens. If the ward falls, the Earth will once again become a battleground in the unceasing war between Heaven and Hell.

Ramiel believes Abigail and Elias are among the few who can make a difference. The Fitzpatrick family, it turns out, are nephilim - descendants of a union between a human and an angel. Soon, the siblings are caught between trying to retain a semblance of a normal life and the quest to ensure humanity's survival.

And Abigail begins to suspect there is more to her parents' deaths than the police reports concluded.

~ New chapters every Wednesday and Saturday. Total length: 44 chapters/80k words ~