Cato, I'm sorry I left you

Cato, I'm sorry I left you

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Suzie is just a normal girl from district 2 whos family has died because of the cruel Capitol, and all she wants is to do is be with them again. She figures the best way to finally be with her family again is to volunteer for the hunger games. Then someone else could kill her and she wouldn't have to kill herself. Also her father was in the games and she wanted to make him proud. So she comes up with a plan to go around all the districts gathering different types of skills and once she gets back to district 2 she will volunteer. Making her father proud was the thing she loved to do the most. Her father was her idol.

But she doesnt have to volunteer.

Suzie Timmer thought she would never get chosen at the reaping because she is not apart of any of the districts except district 2. But the Capitol figures out her plan, they figure out what she has been doing, so they purposly pull her name out at the reaping in district 4...

She isnt too upset about this but it may make it worse when she comes face to face with some long lost friends...

I wrote this about a recurring dream i have(: 
Hope you Enjoy :D

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PeetaForeverxxxx PeetaForeverxxxx Jun 19, 2013
@4fungirls I've actually just started another book :) and after I have done that I shall finish the sequel I started :)
4fungirls 4fungirls May 27, 2013
Love this story you should write another book or a series to this
MsMacadrian MsMacadrian Apr 17, 2013
Haha so I was reading your profile before I read the book (that's what I do with all the books I read...) and I was that your location was with Alexander Ludwig? Lol we shall fight to the death because he's my future husband!
PeetaForeverxxxx PeetaForeverxxxx Nov 22, 2012
@DoubleSoda yes you do know me and I know you xD x glad you like it honey <3
PeetaForeverxxxx PeetaForeverxxxx Nov 22, 2012
@Emma_District2 thanks heaps Emma <3 so glad you like it so far :D
BFangirlBridgid BFangirlBridgid Nov 17, 2012
Wow thats so cool! Please update more i love your story! PS i know you!