Cliché Novelty

Cliché Novelty

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JJ By novelitaa_ Updated May 22, 2015

Slumped in his seat, there he was. His side profile had never looked more fascinating. I studied his broad, yet pointy nose as his head cocked to the side; he tapped his pencil rhythmically on the table whilst using his other hand to tap away at his phone, my eyes slid over to his sharp cheekbones which were accentuated by the clench of his jaw and streak of sunlight coming from the window. His beautiful chocolate skin literally glowing in that low-cut tee of his, my eyes then trailed to the tensed veins in his arms before they scanned over to his full pink lips where my eyes rested, lost in the track of my thoughts I wanted nothing more but to edge nearer to him -


A/N - So I've been putting of writing for so long in general due to exams, and me losing my 'touch' lmao well now summer is here and I have nothing more to do whilst I await staring dreadful sixth-form I started on this. Eh-heh I've always contemplated uploading just because I didn't feel like my work was 'good enough' or I was scared that I wouldn't finish off my work and lose interest half way... that being said ever since I've started on this piece and got support from my guurl I haven't stopped writing and I have written more than I have for any of my pieces put together, I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for this piece, I have so many ideas flowing from my head hdjskhdhjhhdheuduheu and I honestly want this to be my first ever completed book seeing as that has always been my goals, so bare with me my lovelies as you begin to read this, it won't be perfect but it will be me pouring my every dedication and love into it, cliche right? lmao cliche as being the same and  'novelty' as being different all in one, I really do hope you enjoy this, leggo. 

- JJ xo

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vinactive vinactive Aug 13, 2017
lool, why did i start singing billie jean by michael jackson?
fineassdada fineassdada Apr 22, 2016
I don't know why in laughing but his name is funny. Mr Butt though
ThatGothChic ThatGothChic Feb 04, 2017
I would literally bust out laughing Like uncontrollable laughter
FindingSimone FindingSimone May 07, 2016
I'm very confused on the ethnicity of the characters in the story. The beginning is amazing and very believable.
muney300 muney300 Apr 15, 2016
It's only at this point you realise you didn't  even know her name,
BrysonTismybabydaddy BrysonTismybabydaddy Jan 25, 2016
I doubt anyone has said this but your an amazing description writer