Dreams~ || Kaminari denki X Reader

Dreams~ || Kaminari denki X Reader

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Boiimmabanana By hiimmabananaowo Updated Nov 16


One rainy morning, Y/n was walking to school, with umbrella in hand. She  knew she was late, but didn't care at all, she was enjoying the sound of the rain hitting the stone pavement around her. While enjoying this, she was soon interupted by a guy with golden hair suddenly bump into her. They both fell onto the ground. He apologized and offered to help her up. She picked herself up and her umbrella,but noticed that he didn't have an umbrella himself. So she offered him the umbrella, he denied at first, but soon accepted it, she didn't mind getting wet in the rain anyway.

After the incident, she thought nothing of the outcome. 

Who knew that something good in her life will finally soon happen to her.


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