Sherlock Preferences DISCONTINUED

Sherlock Preferences DISCONTINUED

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melissa By johnwinchestcr Completed

"What? Another Sherlock Preferences?"

That's what everyone thinks when they come across mine, only difference is that every time you add mine to your library, John and Sherlock will appear in your room and kiss your cheek.

Sounds nice, huh?

100% guaranteed!

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ilovemymisha ilovemymisha Oct 05, 2016
                              ONE THING:
                              DO I FRICKING FRUCKING WORK FOR JIM MORIARTY!?
captainbuckyamerica captainbuckyamerica Mar 08, 2017
I already listen to The Bee Gees so this song is practically always in my head. Plus it's only fit that I listen to it if I am to become Genderbent Jim ;)
InTheNameOfWriting InTheNameOfWriting Jan 08, 2016
*stares off into distance* *war flashbacks* good times indeed.
fallingleafviolinist fallingleafviolinist Feb 10, 2015
*flashback to Reichenbach* Holy shiz. I'm going frackling kïll James Moriarty!!
skytheangel skytheangel Jul 25, 2014
I love the first one xD Dancing with Sherlock sounds like a hell of a good time lol
Hakuna_your_Tatas Hakuna_your_Tatas Jul 24, 2014
This is quite wonderful work. Takin away the few grammatical errors, it's solid. It seemed a bit confusing when you switch to John, but it's not a big issue. Also, Sherlock would seem a bit more reluctant to dance than you made him out to be, but that's not a big issue either.
                              Great Job!