My perspective on Candy Candy

My perspective on Candy Candy

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This page is for those who have not heard of Candy Candy, a story created by  Kyoko Mizuki, illustrated by Yumiko Igarashi in a manga series. Toei Animation adopted it and made it into an anime version in the late 1970s.

As a little girl, I watched the anime version of Candy Candy on TV but didn't quite understand the plot. In August 2011, I found the manga and I fell in love with the story right away. As an adult, I finally understand the love between Albert and Candy. Yes I agree it is subtle, but it is clear that they are destined to be together in the story (very clear in the manga version).

Mizuki began the story with a few mysteries. Who's the teenager boy that appears on Pony's Hill, dressed in Scottish kilt? Then who's Uncle William, a mysterious old man that has adopted Candy but never shows up? Last but not the least, who's Albert the vagabond who appears younger and younger and later becomes amnesiac?

The story is slowly unfolded in a way that these questions are answered...

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SakuraArdlay SakuraArdlay Aug 13, 2017
There's not doubt! That's the meaning of the story !! 
                              Totally agree with you MSPuddle ❤️
MsPuddle MsPuddle Jul 29, 2014
@MasterChineseChinaZe Exactly! It's a circle. Too bad the ending of the manga was a little rush. I wish we could at least see a hug or something. ;)
MasterChineseChinaZe MasterChineseChinaZe Jul 29, 2014
I agree.  I think Albert should be with Candy. The story started by Candy looked for the prince and finished by finding him. It's an implicit way of saying: Found it, next is wedding.
- - Sep 24, 2012
I like your perspective  and I must agree with you...they belong to each other...:)
chihmei chihmei Sep 01, 2012
哇!!!我是第一個留言的,我是百分百,完全,徹底地贊同,支持您的觀點.Albert和Candy命中註定就是要在一起的,儘管他們曾經分離好多次,但終究還是會再相聚.這就是有"緣份" :)