Forever (Trilogy to All that matters)

Forever (Trilogy to All that matters)

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Yn Pov

Today is the day of me and Chresanto's wedding , right now they're tying up the back up my dress while I'm looking in the mirror. Tears of joy began falling down my eyes , I never thought I'll be getting married to the love of my life. My hair was braided to one side and curled on the side. My mom took a napkin and wiped my tears 

" Yn.. Stop crying" she said then touched up my make up 

They finished and Trinity came up to me 

" you look beautiful" she said 

" thanks , you do to" 

My colors was white and cream 

Chresanto Pov 

I was in the mirror fixing my tie , I loved the colors that they picked 

A couple minutes later we were on our way to where the ceremony was going to be held. The room was packed with family members from both me and Yn's side. I grew nervous butterfly's began to form in my stomach 

I've been waiting for this day for years and now that it's here... I'm beyond nervous 

ray and has girl walked down together 
EJ and his girl 
Then prince and his ...

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Lexi_Horan18 Lexi_Horan18 Dec 15, 2015
See now right here would be the part where I fall on my face
23_forever 23_forever Jul 30, 2014
Finally the get married :-) . They been arguing like husband n wife lol