Shattered Songs of Faith

Shattered Songs of Faith

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Ghost Girl Luminisa By GhostgirlLuminisa Updated Aug 27

Fire Emblem Three Houses AU Story: What if Sothis was with  Byleth since their childhood days? 

"If only I could touch the stars."

Born sick since day one of her life, Arisa grew mostly in a hospital room. At some point in her life, she got better and was able to live the way she wanted. Freedom, make friends create bonds, travel the world. But that dream to continue living a healthy life was struck down when she turned 23. Her illness came back but much worse, and this time, she would not win the battle. 

3 year laters, on her 26th birthday, she passes away in her sleep. 

Now, one does not expect to wake up in another body when they die. She did not expect to come to such a world that she had only read and played through technology. What's more, that she wakes up as Female Byleth during her childhood days. 

Current Art used for cover is by: 风花雪月王座少女 (Zhang2011han)

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