Gone Bad

Gone Bad

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Wowwy10 By Wowwy10 Updated Jan 17, 2013

Categorized as: Action, Drama, Romance, PG-13, Teen, Watty Awards

Two teenagers, Jessica (Selena Gomez) & Johnny (Logan Lerman), are dared to rob a bank as a way of gaining some attention at their school. When they successfully carry out this plan, they realize they’ve done something that can change their lives for good. Out of the excitement of robbing the bank, they decide to run away and cross country to escape getting in trouble which only leads to more disaster when they meet a gorgeous thug leader Ruby (Scarlett Johansson).

Characters Introduced:

Part 1:

Character description:

 Hair- Straight, black, shoulder length hair with blond streak in her bangs
Face- Brown eyes, lightly tan skin, thin eyebrows, tiny lashes, petite nose, and peach pink lips
Body- 120 lbs, 5’5”, curvy hips, thin legs and arms, and small chest

Hair- Spikey, combed back, thin brownish-black hair
Face- Blue/Green eyes, lightly tan skin, average eyebrows, petite nose, and thin pouty tan lips
Body- 125 lbs, 5’8”, thin body, abs, and strong arms and legs 

Hair- Dirty blond, wavy, bobbed shoulder length hair
Face- Thin, Brown eyes, thin eyebrows, light skin, long nose, and pouty red lips
Body- 115 lbs, 5’4” (with heals is 5’6”), thin body, curvy hips, fit legs and arms, and fair-sized chest

Hair- Spikey, gelled up, soft brown hair
Face- Blue eyes, tan skin, thin eyebrow, long face, petite nose, and pouty clay brown lips
Body- 123 lbs, 5' 9 1/4", muscular body: arms, abs, and tight legs, tan, scar on the back of righ thigh ( from accident)

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lovestories4 lovestories4 Jan 08, 2013
I really loved the fact that you described each character. That way we can imagine them while reading. All in all, the story is great :)
loveli123 loveli123 Apr 06, 2012
ok, so i read this story like a year or 2 ago..........and am very dissapointed that u havent started the second yet.....before i made an account i would always check on here jus to see if  made a second yet. u need to get to it bro....this story is too good for u to leave it hangin
Wowwy10 Wowwy10 Jul 11, 2011
@midnight786 Maybe, I'll convert it to story format. That way everyone's happy.
Wowwy10 Wowwy10 Jul 11, 2011
@midnight786 I know. I actually had a dream of this and thought, "Why hasn't anyone written about this already?" I don't think I'm going to continue, though... It's too much work.
                              Dani/ Wowwy10
danielmccaughtry19 danielmccaughtry19 Jun 26, 2011
Awesome plot and concept, nice work...wasn't sure of the play format at first for my own reasons but it works with this story
NatSlight NatSlight Jun 26, 2011
@Wowwy10 Hi Dani! This was very different from what I usually read. The format is just like the script for a play. With your descriptions I could easily visualize the scenes. You've got a great concept going here. Bravo!