The Witches on BellaRow Street

The Witches on BellaRow Street

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Elle J. Nior By ElleJNior Updated 2 days ago

Four African-American Witches on the run from a Warlock detective, a jilted lover, and a ridiculous super clingy cat named Mister Purr. 

Hey, If you're reading this, my sisters and I are on the run. What started out as a night of celebration quickly turned into death... (Death is such a taboo topic).

Anyway, we left a few people behind and we're feeling bad about it, but when you're on the run, who has time for goodbyes, am I right?! Lol (bad joke). 

Unfortunately, we left our super clingy cat, Mister Purr behind as well. So, if you see him, DO NOT tell him where we are. Thanks!

Wish us luck,
-Yanni, Junie, Faylayee, & Aunt BeeBee

***Book Contains: Badass Women, intimate love scenes, dark humor, and colorful language.***

Published on a full moon. 2/9/2020 11:30
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