found (clay jensen)

found (clay jensen)

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(tw- smut + suicide) 

"His kiss is quiet and embodies the color blue, which has always been my favorite color; everything about Clay Jensen is blue."

The moon basks the bedroom in shining silver light, beaming down on two teenagers sleeping soundly. Isabelle Atkins sighs in the arms of a blue-eyed boy, breathing softly in her ear. Clay Jensen, with his dark hair and quiet manner, holds her close.

Though the space between the two grows smaller, the reminders of Hannah Baker's death still looms over them. 

Isabelle Atkins failed Hannah - all for the boy sleeping soundly beside her. And will be forever known by that.

Clay Jensen failed Hannah - for a thousand reasons that he had lost track for. And he cast them all aside, forced them down into his subconscious, all for the girl curled up in his arms.

When secrets come out, do we allow ourselves to give one another a second chance? Or will time create more wounds than it will heal?

(warnings - smut + mentions of suicide)

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