Just Do It For The Memories (An All Time Low Fan Fiction) Watty Awards Finalist

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Charlotte Emma Copeland By chaarlotteemma Completed
Toni thinks it's time to give up on love, but when she meets Alex of All Time Low on The Rockshow At The End Of The World tour she starts to re-think. One more try couldn't hurt? Could it? I mean after all, it is Alex Gaskarth...
with my emotions
                                    the irony of chocking on a lifesaver. this just came to mind
@xxInspirationalxx as soon as I read/sung the chapter title my mind immediately added 'do it for meeeee' lol
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Holy shit! I was listening to break your little heart when I read this chapter!
that would be nice if u could ya know give us some background info
Hey great storyy! If you could give me some advice for my story called Destined to Explode, which is also about All Time Low, that would be awesome thanks!
Ohymblob when I first saw this story I kinda freaked out cause my name is Toni and then I started reading it and it got even better!